Neck support belt with self-heating pad

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This neck belt has self-heating pad which is made with permanent magnets, nano-functional ceramic powder and a special heat sensitive materials designed for the neck. It improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, clears the meridians, and enhances immunity.


- Color: Black.
- Material: Tourmaline, nylon, spandex.
- Size: 19.1" x 3.9" inches
- Made up of permanent magnets, the bio-composite heat-chip.
- Nano-functional ceramic powder and special heat sensitive materials.
- Provides dual thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect.
- Forms a resonant magnetic field that resonates with the human body.
- Applicable to bone hyperplasia, neck pain, joint pain and other symptoms of hyperthermia
- The elastic velcro belt provides safe and comfortable grip.
Note: If the location of wearing develops redness it is normal phenomenon.

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