Pair of Gel Toe Caps Protectors Correctors

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These protective toe caps are ideal for preventing rubbing between toes and relieving pain from injured toes. They help keeping overlapping toes separate. Gel caps do not absorb odors and can be hand washed with warm water and soap. These toe protectors do not lose their cushioning or flatten out, they have strong elasticity, tensile but not deformable. They stretch to fit adult big toes and stay in place. New toe caps may have powdery surface but they are safe to use.


- Soft and Comfortable.
- Odor Resistant.
- Reusable and Washable.
- Color: Milky white.
- Material: Silicone gel.


Prevent friction and pressure related injuries such as blisters, corns and calluses. Protect a bruised or black toe nail (runners toe), or a toe that has recently lost a toenail.


These Toe Caps are not left/right foot specific. We recommend applying some baby powder on the inside of toe cap so that it is easier to wear. Put the Toe Cap onto toe before wearing socks. 

Reusable: hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. Keep away from heat and sunlight. Do not use on open wounds. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

If the Toe Protector is long, then cut it to suit your needs. 

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