Foot Arch Support Soft Gel Sleeves for Flat Feet Foot Correctors

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These soft gel arch support sleeves give support to the feet and provides relief from arch pain, heel pain, heel spurs, flat feet and high arch aggravation.

Comfortable and easy to wear, provies relief from the pain that comes with flat feet/pes planus and plantar fasciitis. They are stretchable, the soft gel material fits the feet and stays in place. Can be worn under socks for all day for foot pain relief.
When wearing, these gel pads stay under your foot arch to mimic the natural bow of the arch, these sleeves will instantly remove pressure from metatarsals and increase comfort.
Can be easily worn under the socks and shoes to give you the comfort you deserve. Good for both men and women and will accommodate most foot sizes. Great for everyday wear and for athletes. Especially useful for those that are on their feet all day. Can even wear them at formal events.
Easy to wash in warm water to keep them clean and fresh. Can be reused again and again with proper care. Sturdy and comfortable design.


Package Includes:
1Pair of Soft Gel Arch Support Sleeves






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