Telescopic Foldable Walking Cane with Dual Hand Support

  • $46.99
  • Save $13

With telescopic and collapsible features, this product is easy and convenient to carry during travel or outing. It can help the elderly to walk outside with stability, securely to breathe fresh air, experience the colorful life, and enjoy the glorious time for the rest of their life. Great gift for old or young people who need little support while walking and getting up. The extra handle provides the support needed and makes getting up from chair little easier.

- Brand: OULII.

- Material: Aluminum alloy + Plastic + EVA.

- Size: Approx. 84 x 16 x 2cm/ 33 x 63 x 0.8 inch (L x W x H).

- 5-level Adjustment of Height: Height can be adjusted by lightly pressing the bead-button.

- Stable to Use: This walking cane can stand alone with 4-feet base which is anti-skid and can be rotated 360°, good fit for all kinds of paths.

- Flexible and Convenient: The angle of LED light can be adjusted. Alarm button helps to call for help in case of a need.

- Stand Up Easily: Armrest on the side helps to stand up easily, effortlessly and convenient to use.

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