3 Piece Ear Pick Curette Kit with Storage Box for Ear Wax Removal

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This item is a pack of 3 piece ear hygiene wax pick kit. Manufactured with premium 410 stainless steel material. The kit covers 3 assorted ear picks with 4 different usages including traditional ear pick, spiral ear pick, spring ear pick, billeau ear loop to meet different using requirements. Take good care of your ears to keep them healthy and clean with this ear cleaning kit.


- Color: Silver

- Material: 401 Stainless Steel

- Size: Approx. 17.8 x 3.7 x 2.1 cm/ 7 x 1.45 x 0.82 inch (L x W x H)

- 401 stainless steel construction: Rust resistant, easy to clean.

includes three tools with four different function: Traditional ear pick, spring ear pick, billeau ear loop and spiral ear pick. You can choose different ear picks based on your personal preferences and requirements.

- Rounded and smooth margin with no sharp corners to prevent scratching your ear canal.

- Double Ended Design. It offers scoop for removing ear wax on one side and massaging on the other, very effective at removing wax build up.

- Attached with a pair of PU foam noise reduction ear plugs, soft and comfortable wearing fits most people, which can promote sleeping quality.

- Comes With a Handy Storage Box. Easy and convenient for storage and household use as well as keeping the tools from dust and stain.


1. Ear curette needs to be cleaned after use. It can be washable for stainless steel material, but needs to dry after clean.

2. The ear picks should be used gently to prevent the scratching of the ear canal. 

3. Do not form a habit of picking your ears frequently. Generally just once a week; but in dusty places or people with "oil ear", you can shorten use time interval.


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